In January 2015, Loué-based DÜRR Automation, joined the German industrial investment fund QUANTUM CAPITAL PARTNERS,

which works in various industrial sectors.

This shareholder change has sparked a dynamic process that has made it possible to define new strategic aims for the forthcoming years.

Several developmental areas have been retained for the sole purpose of providing our customers with the most appropriate solutions

as quickly and as competitively as possible.

In order to emphasize this change, the company’s name has been changed to SICA2M,

"Société Internationale de Convoyage, d’Automation, de Manutention et de Mécanisation".

Our claim, Efficiency in Motion, has been developed as our business plan, consisting of the following aspects.


Efficiency in sales

Optimising our sales approach to offer our customers the appropriate
solutions to their issues

> New sales strategy

Efficiency in organisation

Implementing a corporate organisation focused on customer satisfaction

> 3 Business Units addressing specific markets:
Automated solutions - Customer Service - Industrial Manufacturing

Efficiency in operations

Generating continuous improvement to answer our customers’ RFQs
as competitively as possible

> a LEAN Management approach

The sales team is at your disposal to show you the benefits of this new dynamic.