Automated solutions
SICA2M uses its experience in industrial workflows to design

solutions that are increasingly innovative

in order
to meet specific needs, whether for the Powertrain, aircraft or general industry.
Electrical vehicle battery assembly line

For this application, we developed solutions adapted to the components and the different manufacturing stages:
  • Dispatch gantry and automatic storage for battery cells supply and pairing
  • Dispatch store for end and intermediary frames
  • Specific conveyor adapted to the product features (with rigidity and weight changing during the process) and to the stations
    (ergonomics for manual working stations, access to nut runners stations, leak test and controls tests station).
  • Nut runners fitted onto turn table and NC two-armed Pick and Place

Riveting station supply (aircraft)

The uniqueness of this application is due to the specific nature of the product: up to 9m long and weighing 2.5 tonnes.
This application consists in transferring the wing leading-edge tooling from an automotive trolley on a track motion for a riveting
operation, and the other way round once riveting is finalised. Our team has developed a way to transfer the tools from the trolley
to the track. SICA2M has integrated and managed the interfaces with the riveting robots (developed by a specialist of this process),
together with the sound-proof booth and monitoring cameras.

Door assembly line (car industry)

In collaboration with the customer and based on the definition of parts and throughput, SICA2M has developed the assembly process
for car doors.
Our team supplied two assembly lines (right door and left door lines), each one including:
  • A loading robot cell that provides the bolts and tightens them screwing to the torque and angle of the hinges and the locks
  • A manual working station with two operators
  • A robot cell at the end of the line where bolts are supplied and tightened on the fixed slide bars, the window-lift and
    the stationary window, with grip inspection and adjustment of the window angle.