SICA2M offers a range of standard conveyors in order to design the

technical solutions for production flow

that can meet various kinds of demands.

Our team also elaborates customised products to complete this range.

Friction Roller Gear Conveyor

Versatility, Flexibility,
Maximum accumulation

Applications: cylinder blocks,
cylinder heads, adapters,
parts on pallet

Flat Top Chain Conveyor

Ability for part handling without pallet

Applications: gears, connecting rods,
small parts


Flexible Chain Conveyor

For a flexible production flow

Applications: axis, shafts,
gears, transmission parts,
stamped parts

Roller Chain Integrated Conveyor

Pallet handling for medium and
heavy loads

Applications: cylinder heads,
blocks on adapter, gearbox and
clutch housing on pallet

Over Under Pallet Conveyor

Surface optimisation

Applications: axles, crankshafts,
camshafts, primary and
secondary shafts