1932 Creation of the Company for Internal Treatment of Boilers (STIC)
1944 Beginning of the production of an alkaline detergent for cold water washing.
STIC becomes


1946 Manufacture of industrial cleaning machines to boost the product’s sales
1960 Inauguration of the Loué factory on June, 21st
1981 Diversification of the company’s activities with the Handling department first for cleaning machines in and out conveyors
1990 STIC-HAFROY joins the international group DÜRR, specialised in the manufacturing of machines and production equipment
mainly for the automotive industry. The activity of the company grows overseas.
1996 Creation of the group DÜRR ECOCLEAN GmbH, which includes the Loué factory as well as two plants in Germany.
2002 Creation of a second production site in Loué for parts machining and sheet metal work.
2013 Split of the company into two separate entities:
  • DÜRR AUTOMATION, for industrial automation
  • DÜRR CLEANING, for industrial cleaning machines
2015 Takeover of DÜRR Automation by QUANTUM CAPITAL PARTNERS.
2017 Diversification of SICA2M’s activities and development on new markets.
Opening of an antenna in Toulouse in April 2017 in order to extend the national scope
and work for other fields of activities such as the aircraft industry.
SICA2M asserts its presence on the German market with two dedicated sales engineers.
2018 SICA2M constitutes a subsidiary in Spain, TECALEX-BASSFIELD, specialising in the design,
assembly and installation of aluminium extrusion lines.