Customer service


From technical expertise to line retrofit

, our teams are ready to ensure the highest quality service with a variety of features.
Combining readiness and efficiency, our experts will meet your specific expectations while also anticipating your needs.
We will work together with you to optimise your means of production, continuously improving performance,
energy efficiency, ergonomics and usability, all while reducing lifecycle costs.
Customer service

Our services

  • Line retrofit / Refurbishment
  • Optimisation of your installations and process
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Spare parts
  • Guarantee
  • Operator’s training and maintenance staff training

Our expertise

  • Offering you evolutions for your installations
    with new products and technologies
  • Maximising operational performance, reliability
    and maintainability of your equipment
  • Assisting you in your LEAN Manufacturing process

Customer service and spare parts: