SICA2M designs different types of storage systems adapted to the part and the customer’s needs.
From storage tables to stacker cranes, our team elaborates

the most relevant solution for your workshops

Storage table
Storage table

Especially suitable for small
cylindrical parts with effortless
storage due to accumulation:
flat-base shafts, gears, etc.
Storage with conveyor
Storage with conveyor

Solution for temporary stock on
production lines, based on our
standard conveyors : FCC
(several levels with spiral),
RCI or FRGC (zone coveyors
powered by up and down lifts)

Static storage with robot or gantry
Static storage
with robot or gantry

Mainly used for low or medium
capacity stocks, based on
pedestal robot or gantry loading
parts on static pedestal
or flying tracks.
Dynamic storage with robot or gantry
Dynamic storage
with robot or gantry

For blank parts unloading or machined
parts palletising, container storage with
robot or area gantry.
Self-operation can be made with a
conveyor loop or the increase of the
bases’ number.

Automated storage
Automated storage

System designed for medium and large capacity stocking systems
adapted to the production rate of automotive assembly lines.
Loading systems with bidirectional telescopic forklift systems
(with 1 to 2 forklifts depending on cycle time and capacity).
The automated system includes a display and a safeguard of the store.