continuous improvement approach

from the 1990s

Our commitment is evidenced by the certifications ISO 9001 (Quality assurance)
and ISO 14001 (Environment), obtained in 1998 and 2003, and renewed every year.

SICA2M implements its Quality Safety Environment policy thanks to a daily
management system so as to meet the customers’ requirements as well as
the legal and regulatory requirements.

Improving quality is a strategic element for building SICA2M’s future. With the professionalism, skills and commitment of the women
and men that make up the company, SICA2M is focused on providing its customers with services with the highest level of excellence.
This means that, not only are SICA2M’s teams committed to providing customers with the items they need on-time,
within budget and with the highest level of quality, but they also are dedicated to supplying products that, from the draft stage on,
provide the most relevant and efficient solutions to meet whatever problems may be proposed. Controlling quality across the entire
value chain is essential for any activity to be sustainable. SICA2M’s directors have undertaken to steer the company using their decisions
to implement the policies and focus the company has defined.


Employee safety is therefore a working condition for SICA2M: not only for its own employee, but for our client’s staff as well.
All employees need to be involved in making risk prevention dynamic.This measure, which has been designed to help us build
on our successes and learn from our shortcomings, aims at creating work condition where employee health and safety are ensured
by rules that give employee a personal stake in doing things right. This approach is extended to the safety of the users of the devices
SICA2M builds and installs for its customers.


Our work aims at following the legislation in force, and at anticipating and preventing any risk we may identify. It is thus based on everyone
working together in an effort for continuous improvement. We aim not only to support our customers in their environmental approach,
but also to help them become environmentally neutral sites, with all employees being responsible for working to reach this goal.